We are created to be in community, join in a group which builds community by fostering loving relationships. Grow your faith as you grow your knowledge in Christ. Find your place to connect and grow below or on our Quick Connect Guide. Please call Kim Layton at 704-815-1913 with your questions.

Online Resources: RightNow Media Digital Library | Upper Room | Be A Disciple | WNCC Resource Center


Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group

Be encircled by support and love from other caregivers at this monthly online meeting designed to refresh the souls of those who care for others with Alzheimer's.
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Card Games

On and off-campus offerings weekly for those who like to play cards.
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Disciple Bible Study

Disciple groups lead a structured journey from the age-old lessons of the Israelite's to the hope of the second coming of Jesus Christ.
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Disciple’s Path New Member Class

Explore your faith through The United Methodist Church and learn more about Matthews United Methodist in this short-term group offering
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Find Your Spiritual Gifts

Each of us is uniquely qualified to offer a word of hope, healing, justice & grace to a world that is desperately in need of healing. Find your gifts in a short session offered to help you explore your gifts and how to uniquely apply them to ministry
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GriefShare Group

This group offers you the help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, family member, or friend.
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Hearts and Hands

Handmaking loving items for special uses in our community.
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Hope for Minds & Hearts

Offering hope, knowledge, prayer and support in a safe environment for families who support a loved one and individuals who live with mental health challenges.
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Inclusive Grace

In the spirit of Galatians 3:28 "...for you are all one in Christ Jesus," this group is a Reconciling Ministry of Matthews UMC that supports and celebrates LGBTQIA+ persons, their families, and friends, both within and beyond the church community.
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Joyous Journeyers

This small group for women meets on Wednesdays to Journey together with their faith at the center of life and living.
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Justice or Just Us

It is the Bible that calls us to pursue justice, and the Bible that calls us to oppose racism. Learn more in this 4-week study written by former MUMC pastor, Rev. Rob Fuquay.
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Melody Makers

A delightful community choir that sings together and performs around town
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Music Ensembles

Our music ensembles offer connection for people who share a passion for music.
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Racial-Bridge Building

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Groups Meet Mondays and Wednesdays for Cardio, Chair Exercises, and Yoga
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Seasoned to Perfection

Meets regularly on Tuesdays for lunch and a program.
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Singles in Scripture

Singles coming together for fellowship, encouragement and living life together.
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The Good and Beautiful God

Put your ideas to the test to see if they match up with what Jesus himself reveals about God in this group.
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