Inclusive Grace

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In the spirit of Galatians 3:28 "...for you are all one in Christ Jesus," this Reconciling Ministry of Matthews UMC supports and celebrates LGBTQIA+ persons, their families, and friends, both within and beyond the church community.

Inclusive Grace:

  • Hosts periodic Conversations with the congregation - building community and discussion on topics of interest.
  • Offers Lifelines for one-to-one care. Contact the ministry or the Church Office to connect with a Lifeline.
Congregational Photo April 3 2022

Inclusive Grace welcomes, affirms, and celebrates the sacred worth of all persons. We are all beloved children of God.

Inclusive Grace commits to:

  • Be a visible, welcoming, and safe resource to LGBTQIA+ persons considering attending or joining Matthews UMC.
  • Serve as a resource to LGBTQIA+ church members / attendees, their families, friends, and loved ones.
  • Assist congregants, ministries, Sunday School classes, and small groups who want to learn and understand more about what it means to be inclusive, affirming, and welcoming.
  • Provide Lifelines to individuals seeking support from someone who has walked a similar journey.
  • Support and serve the LGBTQIA+ community within and beyond Matthews UMC.
  • Engage LGBTQIA+ members as Advisors to ensure the ministry's activities support, affirm, and celebrate the community we serve.

Hear stories from individuals in our community:

Original Dramatized Poem

View a dramatized reading by Angela Smith and Darlene Prestbo of St. Nectan's Glen, an original poem by Darlene Prestbo:
View the transcript of Inclusive Grace's Conversation on Race, Gender, and Sexuality.

Welcome Statement

Welcome Statement - Inclusive Grace, a Reconciling Ministry of Matthews UMC, embraces God's gift of diversity and rejoices in a loving, diverse community united in Christ! The ministry strives to live the love of Christ in all we do and affirms the sacred worth of all persons, deserving of every sacrament and rite. We affirm and celebrate individuals of every sexual orientation, gender Identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, physical and intellectual abilities, economic status, political perspective, age, family composition, country of origin, and citizenship status. We all are made in Christ's image, worthy of God's love and grace! We recognize our differences and do not seek to erase them but to use them as a source of strength, as we journey together toward greater understanding, mutual respect, and love for each other, while humbly serving our God.

Watch the Inclusive Grace Introductory Video to learn more or click to read an overview.