Disciple Bible Study

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DISCIPLE Bible Study leads you on a structured journey from the age-old lessons of the Israelite's to the hope of the second coming of Jesus Christ. You will make the journey in community with a small group of Christians and seekers, helping each other discover God and the abundant life He has in store for each of his disciples.

Groups Start in January & September

DISCIPLE I: Becoming Disciples through Bible Study - 34 week study. (Prerequisite for all other classes.)

DISCIPLE I Fast Track: Becoming Disciples through Bible Study 24-week study.

After completing DISCIPLE I, you may study any of the following classes in any order.

  • DISCIPLE II: Into the Word, Into the World - 32-week study.
  • DISCIPLE III: Remember Who You Are - 32-week study.
  • DISCIPLE IV: Under the Tree of Life - 32-week study.

Cost per class is $45. Confidential Scholarships are available.