Micah Connection

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Do Justice | Love Kindness | Walk Humbly With God ~ Micah 6:8

The goal for this ministry is to engage the congregation and community on issues of civil and human rights, poverty, peace, health and climate/creation care. The ministry provides tools to connect with and impact our community region, nation and world.

Education & Awareness

The Micah Connection focuses on education and awareness on issues of justice and inclusivity.

  • Racial Reconciliation
  • Inclusivity (LGBTQIA+)
  • Creation Care
  • Immigration/Refugees
  • Poverty/Affordable Housing
  • Disabilities
  • Action against Gun Violence

    Creation Justice Tips

    Provided by the UM Creation Justice Movement at umcreationjustice.org.

    1. School is starting. If you have pick-up duty, keep the car engine off while you wait. Emissions from idling cars spew unseen particulates into the air, which research has shown negatively affects the cognitive performance of children. Get out of your car, enjoy the weather, and meet other parents, grands, and nannies. Tell them--and your children--why you don't let the engine run.
    2. Rake leaves this fall as a family, as a group of friends, or as a church youth group helping someone. Look for ways to turn the leaves into mulch so they continue to feed the soil, rather than bagging them and sending them to the landfill. Talk about the process God supplies for continuing to nourish the land, which in turn nourishes all of life.

    See the complete Top 10 List in the Creation Care Newsletter.

    Be creative in how you take care of God's gift of creation and those who live in it. Call Amy DeVore at the Church Office to let us know what you are doing.

    The Micah Connection Team

    • Brenda Messera
    • David Bigham
    • Jackson Smith
    • Joe George
    • Natalie Fath
    • Julia TenBroeck
    • Howard Nussman
    • Suzanne Pugh
    • Cam & Allie Watterson
    • Lauren Smith
    • Kayla Pierce
    • Hunter Ross
    • Amy DeVore - Coordinator
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