Young and Growing Families


Experience the heartwarming family atmosphere at Matthews UMC, where every family is not only cherished but celebrated. Whether you're a young parent seeking guidance, facing life's challenges head-on, or simply in search of a spiritual home, our congregation extends a warm and inclusive embrace to all.

As you step into Matthews United Methodist Church, you'll immediately feel welcomed by our vibrant and diverse community. Regardless of your family structure or background, our church provides a sanctuary where you can authentically be yourself. Here, you'll be surrounded by compassionate individuals who are eager to accompany you on your unique journey of faith.

Our dedication to family extends beyond the parents to the youngest members of our congregation. Through engaging and age-appropriate family worship services, we endeavor to spark curiosity and wonder in the hearts of children and youth. With interactive lessons, uplifting music, and creative activities, our goal is to foster a deep and enduring connection to the teachings of the Bible. Through a variety of programs and events, we aim to provide ample opportunities for families to grow together in faith and fellowship.

Explore our diverse range of programs designed to cater to both parents and children alike. Take a closer look at our offerings and find the perfect fit for your family. Get involved today and experience the richness of our Christian community in Matthews firsthand!

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