Join us in making a difference by volunteering with our church community. We believe in the power of community and the impact that volunteering can have on both individuals and the world around us. Whether you're passionate about serving our mission partners, extending hospitality to guests, leading small groups, or sharing your unique skills, your time and support are invaluable to us.

Become an integral part of our mission outreach by volunteering with one of our 30 mission partners. From local nonprofits addressing hunger and homelessness to global organizations providing aid and support to those in need, there are countless volunteer opportunities to make a meaningful impact in our community and beyond.

Our volunteers are dedicated to extending hospitality and making everyone feel welcome at Matthews United Methodist Church. Whether you're greeting guests with a warm smile, assisting with event logistics, or helping newcomers feel at home, your presence and support create an atmosphere of warmth and inclusion within our church community.

Share your passion for faith and fellowship at Matthews UMC by leading a small group, whether it's a Bible study, prayer group, or special interest group. Your leadership can foster connection, deepen relationships, and nurture spiritual growth within our Christian community. If you have a talent or skill you'd like to share, whether it's music, art, technology, or anything in between, there's a place for you to contribute. Your unique gifts can enrich worship services, enhance programs, and inspire others to discover and develop their own talents.

Together, let's make a difference and build a brighter future for all. Join in volunteering with Matthews UMC today!

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