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The 2016 United Methodist Church (UMC) General Conference authorized the Council of Bishops (COB) to develop and submit recommendations to a Special Session of the UMC General Conference in 2019 that would address the issues of LGBTQ+ inclusion within the UMC. Several plans were prepared by the COB as part of this A Way Forward initiative. As part of this effort Matthews United Methodist held a series of Healthy Conversation sessions during 2018 & 2019.

Please see resources and the sessions below for additional information


3/12/18: A "Panel Discussion" of MUMC members who are parents or siblings of LGBTQ+ persons. Access meeting notes.

4/9/18: An evening with Pastor Chuck discussing the United Methodist Church and A Way Forward. Watch it here.

5/14/18: A "Debate" featuring two of our very best United Methodist pastors, Rev. Paul Butler and Rev. Jeff Patterson. Watch it here.

A Way Forward Plans 9/19/18: Healthy Conversations/Overview with Rev. Amy Coles - View PowerPoint Presentation

9/26/18: Healthy Conversations/Traditional Plan with Rev. Amy Coles - Traditionalist Plan Summary

10/3/18: Healthy Conversations/One Church Plan with Rev. Amy Coles - One Church Plan Summary

10/10/18: Healthy Conversations/Connectional Conference Plan with Rev. Amy Coles - Connectional Conference Plan Summary

5/8/19: 2019 Special Session/UMC General Conference debrief with Rev. Kim Ingram & Rev. Jennifer Davis - Watch it here.