Ways to Demonstrate Generosity

Ways to Demonstrate Generosity

Published October 7, 2020

19th Sunday after Pentecost in Ordinary Time/Youth Sunday/October 7, 2020

Just these lines, my friends …

… to say that Sunday was a beautiful day involving the “Blessed Sacrament” (C.S. Lewis). It was World Communion Sunday. A special “thank you” to so many of you who came by the church to receive the Sacrament. By the time we started, just before 2 pm, there were a dozen or so cars already lined up. We laughed, shed a few tears, expressed our delight in connecting and so much more. I’m not sure that I’ve ever experienced a more fulfilling World Communion Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, I hope that you got a chance to listen to my final message in the My 95 worship series. You can watch here for My 95 – My People.

Ways to Demonstrate Generosity

Generosity is never just for a season, but during the weeks ahead, we generally give generosity much more consideration when it comes to the calendar. I hope you might consider some of the following:

  • Become a generous tipper.
  • Take food to a sick friend or neighbor.
  • Hold the door open for people.
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  • Do something that your spouse usually does without being asked.
  • Pick up trash as you walk the neighborhood.
  • Send snail-mail thank you notes.
  • Volunteer at an agency that serves the less fortunate.
  • Buy something for the person behind you in line.
  • Say something positive every time you feel like complaining.
  • Write hand-written notes of encouragement and sympathy.
  • Thank the people who serve you – custodians, people who deliver the mail, firefighters, police officers, etc.
  • Buy significant books for people who will benefit from them.
  • Leave encouraging notes to people you miss during drop-in visits.
  • Write a positive review for a local business you frequent.
  • Anonymously buy someone’s meal at the restaurant.
  • Identify the people who are alone at the party and talk with them.
  • Bring snacks to share with co-workers.
  • Compliment someone to the boss.
  • Contribute regularly to the charities that advance the causes that promote things you believe in and value.

Next Sunday (October 11) in Worship

I mention it every year, but this coming Sunday (Youth Sunday 2020) is one of my favorite of the year. It is the day we “older” adults can express some generational hospitality. It may not be your music or your language (style) of worship. You may see a ball cap, or a skirt too short or hair too long for your tastes. You may even hear something that causes your head to twist, but these wonderful young people are ours and they need for us to continue to invest deeply in their lives.

Oh, and please join me in saying “thank you” to our incredible United Youth Ministry Staff community: Rev. Corey Millet, Rob Hunter, Elizabeth Carpenton, Erik Haski, Amy Benjamin and Jamie Conder and a whole host of adult volunteers who lead the way. We have a remarkable cadre of women and men our youth “hang out” with on a regular basis. They are outstanding people of faith and commitment.

Mark DeVries is one of my dearest friends, and one of the most insightful persons in this country relating to young people. I once heard him challenge a congregation by saying, “We are to catalyze a constellation of relationships around every young person in the church, a web of intergenerational, vertical connections that keeps them anchored in the faith.” Friends, we are that Cloud of Witnesses (Hebrews 12:1) for the next generation. Let’s not miss a moment of influence. Sunday is one of our most important days to “show up” in their lives and you can do so by tuning into our broadcast. I know you’ll be glad you did.

Oh, and when Youth Sunday 2020 is concluded be sure to say “thank you” to all the young people that give witness to their faith. You never know the impact you might have on them.

Onward Together … with Love,
Dr. Charles (Chuck) W. Wilson II

Did you know that Maxine Starner and Kathy White shared a touching Handbell Medley during the Prelude on Sunday, September 27? Click here to watch & listen. This was Maxine Starner’s first performance in solo handbell ringing! We are so proud of her new musical skills shared in worship!

Did you know that Global Impact’s Disaster and Crisis Relief/Recovery Fund made a donation to Turning Point to provide cleaning supplies and PPE for the staff and the people they serve?  Your generosity supports their effort to end domestic abuse, sexual assault, and child abuse through safe shelter, advocacy, prevention, and social change.

Did you know that Erik Haski, Associate Director of College Age & Young Adult Ministry, graciously helped the Adult Ministry by producing a couple of great videos for folks using Zoom?  Click here for Zoom Etiquette which will help all of us offer a better Zoom experience for everyone involved. Click here for Zoom Tips & Tricks, which is great for beginner Zoomers.  Thanks to Erik for using his creativity to help enhance all of our Zoom meetings.

Did you know that Andy Holt has completed 25 years as the pilot of Chopper9 for WSOC-TV?  He has received accolades, commendations and two news Emmy awards for breaking news coverage — and still loves his job!  Way to go, Andy!