Time Flies

Time Flies

Published July 12, 2023

7th Sunday after Pentecost
Just these lines, my friends …

… to say that these summer days are rolling along: youth and adult mission trips, Music & Arts Camp, 4th of July Week, summer worship looking at High Maintenance Relationships, and now this week the 28th edition of Rainbow Express Camp.

Speaking of Rainbow Express Camp Week, we are profoundly grateful for our deep-level partnership of so many years with Rainbow Express Ministries. This Youth Ministry-sponsored weeklong camp is held in conjunction with Rainbow Express Ministries, and year after year MUMC happily offers our facility, staff and volunteers. Rainbow Express Ministry, led by Laurie Little (who was our Director of Youth Ministries for 25 years), offers Feast With Friends, WillBeans Coffee, Young Adult Groups and so much more. It is a beautiful community offering children and young adults (with and without disabilities) opportunities to share their gifts, to build friendships and to serve others, rooted in the abounding love of God. MUMC loves our deep level partnership with them. You can click here for more information about Rainbow Express Ministries.

We got a note this week that speaks to our transforming community that is Matthews United Methodist. It comes from Abigail Okland who has been a part of our Music & Worship Arts staff community the last couple of years. Abigail has felt that nudge in her heart that the right next step in her vocational journey is starting a wedding planning service/business. She wrote, “I can’t think of a faith community more representative of the love of Christ – to champion and cheer each other on, to stand alongside those in need, and to radiate joy that can only come from a cup overflowing.”

Thank you, Abigail. Bless you for capturing into words what Matthews United Methodist longs to become in all things. We are so grateful you see Jesus in us. We certainly see Jesus in you.

As I shared last week, we welcome Shannon Remley into this position. You may contact Shannon at 704-815-1915.

Wednesday Devotional

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch my devotional for the week titled, Time Flies. It’s about Psalm 90, Willie Nelson, and the old song I’ll Fly Away.

Special Announcement about the Matthews United Methodist Endowment

I hope you heard my announcement on Sunday morning about our Endowment passing the $500,000 mark in donations. To achieve this financial milestone in five years is simply phenomenal. Our Endowment is designed to keep these donations (the principle or corpus) intact while using the investment income for mission and ministry. These funds will live on in perpetuity with their investment earnings filling the gap for the continued work and ministry of this church for future generations.

If you’d like to learn more about our Endowment, please click here.

This Sunday in Worship

We invite you to join us this Sunday at 8:15 am (Traditional; in person only), 9:30 am (Contemporary; in person or online here), 11:00 am (Traditional; in person or online here) or 12:30 (Spanish; in person or on demand here).

Our Spanish-speaking community will be continuing their worship series, Practical Apologetics. Pastor Roldan will be preaching from Acts 18:24-28. His sermon title, Let’s Seek Excellence.

The Wilson family will gather for our annual time away in Blowing Rock from July 16 -23. Hold us close in your prayers. As I’ve told you before, these can be adventurous and highly emotive times when all 13 of us (hoping for more) are under the same roof. The week will include long walks, hiking, golf, pickleball, playing in the park, nightly trips to Kilwins, smash burgers, long talks around the firepit and another birthday concert for Karen featuring our very own John Woodall. I know … you’re wondering if we will survive. I’ll miss being with you for a couple of Sundays, but as I always say, “You are in the best of hands with Pastor Paul and Pastor Corey preaching.”

All summer long in our morning sanctuary worship, we’ve been spotlighting some of the unusually challenging people who tend to populate our offices, our families, our neighborhoods, and our church groups. They are the high maintenance individuals whose voices can sometimes drown out God’s still small voice of spiritual assurance.

On Sunday morning, in all three of our sanctuary services, Pastor Paul will help us turn our attention to The Competitor from Mark 9:33-37. Paul says, “I think most of us are keenly aware of our own personality traits and whether we possess a competitive edge or not. Does it work to our advantage or not? How competitive are we, and is it a positive or negative force in our life? On Sunday, I want to suggest a more important question: How does our level of competitiveness impact our spiritual life?” I’m so excited to hear Paul’s message.

I’m thankful to you for taking the time to invite someone to church with you. This series on high maintenance relationships may be just what is needed.

And now, as always, during these strange, uncertain, but hopeful days, remember … God does God’s best work in moments like this.

We are better … together.
Dr. Charles (Chuck) W. Wilson II

Did you know that Kelsey Havican became engaged to Larry Smith on Saturday, July 1 at the NC Stone Mountain State Park? Kelsey & Larry met in April 2018 performing as part of an Indoor Drum Corp and have been dating ever since. Congratulations, Kelsey & Larry!

Did you know that our Realm Community Connection Tool has 1,011 unique logins? Sign up for an account and download the Realm Connect App from your mobile device to access our church pictorial directory (upload your profile pic!), check your personalized newsfeed with events & registrations, communicate with your groups, utilize mobile check-in for worship, manage your giving, connect with serving opportunities and more.

Did you know that the Micah Connection received a Mustard Seed migration grant from Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church? These funds helped 138 individuals (53 children and 85 adults representing 32 families) have basic supplies in our city. Transportation, clothing, legal services, toys and gift cards were provided for newcomers from ten different countries. The Mustard Seed grant is aptly named as this funding has helped our church grow in faith, in our work outside the walls of the church and has made a huge impact in our community. We are so thankful for these funds!

Did you know that the Word Sunday Morning Group and Servant’s Heart Circle joined to provide and serve a celebration cook out at Changed Choices, a Global Impact Partner, on July 8th? Seventeen ladies were recognized for achievements such as degrees, certifications and trainings.

Did you know that Rob Hunter was awarded the Nancy Glenn Community Service Award from the Matthews Human Services Council? Congratulations to Rob and his family! We are so grateful to have Rob on our staff.