The Gift of Tears

The Gift of Tears

Published October 5, 2022

18th Sunday after Pentecost
Just these lines, my friends …

… to say it has been a full week for us at Matthews United Methodist (MUMC), complete with the highs and lows: multiple services of death and resurrection, a wedding, and of course, World Communion Sunday with Pastor Paul’s helpful message. If you missed Sunday, please watch here.

Let me offer a couple of quotes from the past few days.

First of all, something I shared at the funeral of Pat Bowes: “There are a lot of things I don’t understand about life and living. I don’t understand why this family has had to suffer so. I don’t understand why ALS (often called Lou Gehrig’s disease) has to happen, but I do know that it’s limited … because, my friend, your friend, Pat Bowes proved it to be so. Oh, ALS can do a lot of destruction, but it cannot cripple love. It cannot shatter hope. It cannot corrode faith. It cannot eat away peace. Friends, ALS can’t destroy confidence. Nor kill friendship. Nor shut out memories. Nor silence courage. Nor invade the soul. ALS cannot quench the Spirit nor can it lessen for us, the power of resurrection.”

Secondly, a quote I’ve used on at least two occasions during September in my Wedding Homily for Cam/Allie Watterson and Lewis/Annie Reid. It comes from the great Quaker Saint, Elton Trueblood: “A successful marriage is not one in which two people beautifully matched, find each other and get along happily ever after. It is instead a system by means of which persons who are sinful and contentious are so caught up by a dream bigger than themselves that they work throughout the years, in spite of repeated disappointments, to make the dream come true.”

Wednesday Devotional

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch my devotional for the week. I share about my first journey to the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. It is titled, The Gift of Tears.

This Sunday in Worship

We invite you this Sunday to join us in person at 8:15 am, 9:30 am and 11:00 am, or online at 9:30 am (contemporary), 11:00 am (traditional) or 12:30 (Spanish – in person only).

In our Spanish-speaking CCH community, Pastor Roldan is preaching from Joshua 24:14-15 and his sermon is titled: Define Your Borders.

This coming Sunday, we will be celebrating our annual Youth Sunday in all three of our morning worship services. This is our day to be balcony people for these wonderful young people.  Have you ever heard that term before? Well, balcony people are those people who are for us and with us. We hear their cheers and feel the strength they offer to us with their encouragement. They keep reminding us that though life is hard, we can overcome hardship by the grace of God. They tell us we can do it. We can make it … that we’re made from good stuff. Balcony people remind us that God’s mercies are new every morning, and by faith we can endure to the end. Let’s be that for our young people this Sunday as they give witness to their faith.

Now if you know of anybody looking for the vitality of young people and hope for the future, then you might want to invite them to church this Sunday. They will be inspired and encouraged.

And now, as always, during these strange, uncertain, and yet, hopeful days, remember … God does God’s best work in moments like this.

We are the church, together,
Dr. Charles (Chuck) W. Wilson II

Did you know that Melba Westphal celebrated her 101st birthday on September 24? She is our oldest living member! Maybe you could send her a note of congratulations at 701 Pavilion View Drive, Apt. 216, Matthews, NC 28105.

Did you know that last week Trip Rogers (son of Russ & Margaret Rogers) played for Seasoned To Perfection?  Not only did the group enjoy his great music but they also enjoyed a fabulous meal prepared by Chef Henry.  If you would like to come and join the fun & food you can reserve your spot for Tuesday, October 11 by calling 704-815-1982 by midnight tonight.  You will get to enjoy an Interview with Amy DeVore and a delicious Fish Fry, including Baked Potato, Coleslaw, Cornbread, and Dessert.

Did you know that the MUMC Contemporary Praise Team recorded a song to be a gift to the Matthews community as a reminder that we are a church of action and people with a fire in our souls for God? Our hope is that the song and video will be used as a moment of meditation and connectivity to God. Click to this special gift here or on the link below.

Did you know that Global Impact partner, South America Mission has introduced us to Jake and Lauren Jones, founders of The Wájaro Foundation? This new Global Impact partner is striving to bring peace & justice to the indigenous people of Colombia. Join us on October 13 at 6:30pm in the Conference Room by the Chapel to learn about their efforts, how we can help, & our mission trip to Bogota, Colombia in March 2023.

Did you know that The Micah Connection & Home2Home Ministry along with our United Kids ministry worked together to provide assistance to families & children from Ukraine?  Click here to read all about it!

Did you know that Global Impact is hosting a viewing for an award-winning documentary that features one family’s struggle around mandatory minimum sentencing? Join mission partner, Changed Choices in The Commons on Thursday, October 20 at 6:30pm for this free, informative event.

Did you know that The Micah Connection is partnering with The Town of Matthews to host Free Tree Events that will support creation care efforts for our community? Come to the Large Parking Lot on Saturday, October 15, and pick out a free tree from 9-11am. Make sure to read the details and preregister here.

Did you know that Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church is hosting A Walk for the Cure in honor of Pastor Whitley & 1st Lady Whitley this Saturday, October 8 10:00-12:00? $30 per person. 381 Crestdale Rd, Matthews.