Made For More

Made For More

Published February 12, 2020

6th Sunday after Epiphany/Global Impact 2/February 12, 2020
Just these lines, my friends …
to say that after recovering from all the tornadic activity in our area on Thursday, February 6, we were finally able to open the building, warm it up and have church on Sunday. Thanks be to God! It has been a tough few days around Matthews for so many people.

How about that Pastor Brad! What a wonderful message on Sunday given in a very different format. Thank you, Pastor Brad, for kicking us off in our 10th Annual Global Impact emphasis. You can listen to Pastor Brad’s message here and find out more about Global Impact Celebration events here.

With great sadness, I tell you of the death of Max McLeod. Max and his wife, Anita, have been a part of our church for decades. Their footprints are all over this place. I want all of you to know that Max was also the Architect who designed this beautiful space we call our church home, Matthews United Methodist. Every day I’m mesmerized by his vision of beauty and space and functionality. Thank you, my dear friend. We will be celebrating his life on Saturday, February 15, 2 pm, in the Sanctuary.

Who is Someone Else to You?
Our Global Impact emphasis makes me think about a true story and it’s about somebody that you know well. It goes something like this.

Once upon a time, somebody awakened to the fact that they had a call from God. In that moment, they realized that the words of Jesus to “go and make disciples of all nations” applied to them. In that moment, they realized that they had been called to be a missionary and had been made to go somewhere, sharing the love of God as they went.

Here’s the amazing thing about that story: that person didn’t cross an ocean. They didn’t cross a desert. Instead, they crossed the fence in their back yard. They crossed the street. They crossed a room. They crossed a hallway. They crossed a cubicle at the office. They crossed the gym. And do you know where they ended up? YOU! Somebody, somewhere heard a call to invest in the life of someone else and invite that someone else to join them in following Jesus, and that someone else was you.

As followers of Jesus, we were made for more than sitting around once a week or a couple of times a month in a chair watching something that happens on the stage. If sitting around in church for an hour once a week sounds boring to you, IT SHOULD! We were made for more than that!

You were once someone else to someone else, so now the question remains – – who is someone else to you?

If everyone who reads this note were to answer the question above and then seek to live it out, I believe it would be a game changer for Matthews United Methodist, for our workplaces, for our schools, for all of the places where we live, work, study, or play.

2020 Spending Plan
Our 2020 budget was approved on Saturday, January 26, by our Administrative Council/Charge Conference. The approved budget is $2,839,989.00. Click here for a high-level view. Thank you so much Matthews United Methodist for the way you love and care and give. Because you give, God’s love is made real to so many.

Dates and Opportunity Links
I hope you won’t miss these upcoming events and opportunities (info/registration links follow): Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper on Tuesday, February 25; Ash Wednesday Service on February 26 at 7 pm; Annual Women’s Retreat on March 27-29 (register by Feb. 12)Annual Men’s Retreat on April 24-26; Prayer for the General Conference of The United Methodist Church (May 5-15; would you join me in praying this prayer that I’ve written?); Questions We Hear Jesus Asking our Lenten Sermon Series beginning on March 1.

This Sunday (February 16) in Worship
I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for you to hear Bishop Will Willimon on Sunday in all of our morning worship services. Bishop Willimon is one of the finest preachers in all the world. For 20 years he served as Dean of the Chapel at Duke University and professor of Christian Practice. He returned to Duke after serving as the Bishop of the North Alabama Conference from 2004-2012. More than a million copies of his 70 books have been sold. My favorite Bishop Willimon book is Who Lynched Willie Earl where he teaches preachers about preaching on racial injustice while telling the story of a heartbreaking event occurring in Greenville, SC in the 1940s. You will not want to miss this remarkable man of faith. We are so fortunate to have him on week two of our Global Impact emphasis.

Also, this Sunday, our CCH community and Pastor Roldan will continue with the series, Follow Your Route, Adjust Your Routine. He will be teaching from Nehemiah 2:11-18, and the title of his message: Measure Your Words.

I’m so excited to be with you on Sunday … because learning to live as someone deeply and unequivocally loved by God shapes everything – it shapes our self-understanding, our relationships, our vocation, and our perspective on life. It frees us to be fully who we are created to be.

Following Jesus Together,

Dr. Charles (Chuck) W. Wilson II

Did you know that Reagan Dickerson, daughter of John/Helen Dickerson is finishing a month long volunteer experience in Sarteneja, Belize with Wildtracks.  Wildtracks is Belize’s National Primate and Manatee Rehabilitation Center working to protect and conserve endangered species. Reagan has been working with Yucatan black howler monkeys in the final phase of their rehab before release. Way to go Reagan!

Did you know that Anthony Andujar stepped in to help with set up of the Deep Tech for our Deep Worship for Families? Thanks, Anthony!

Did you know that Methodist Scouting is celebrating 100 years? Read the “Happy 100th birthday to Methodist Scouting” article here! Matthews United Methodist Church’s Boy Scout Troop 39 was founded in 1941, and Cub Scout Pack 214 was founded in 1971. Girl Scout Troops have been based at our church for years. This past fall MUMC founded a new all-girls Scouting unit, Troop 139. These groups bring many families into our church each week for meetings and activities. Our programs help children and youth develop positive character traits and practical life skills.

Did you know that The Lighthouse Afterschool at MUMC summer camp registration opens to the public on Monday, February 17? Please click here for contact information.

Did you know that Alix Arndt is our Interim Director of Deep Worship for Families? She is doing an amazing job!