Morning of Wellness

Morning of Wellness

Release Stress & Deepen Your Spirituality

Experience the Wellness Benefits of Spiritual Direction, SoulCollage and Yoga all through professionals who use these healing and calming techniques. Discover inner wisdom, practice holistic health, release stress and deepen your spirituality.

Saturday June 22, from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm in the Commons
Learn how Yoga helps us to understand/remember that true religion does not divide but unites: does not injure but heals, does not kill but saves. The entire essence of Christianity, as well as all other religions, has been put into one sentence." Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God "

That Spiritual Direction is a relationship between a Spiritual Director and a Directee. It is a sacred time and space created with God, who is always present. The Director constantly guides the person to become aware of what He is doing in their life. It is a process of mutual discovery and disclosure that brings awareness of how one's spirit is deepening. The director is finely tuned to hear what is said and what is not. Both aspects are critical to this process. It presumes a means through which one person helps another discern what God is doing and saying!

How SoulCollage is a method of self-discovery through the creation and intuitive analysis of a deck of collaged cards. We will learn how to make these cards and use them to gain greater insight and wisdom.


To find out more about this group, please contact Kim Layton at 704-815-1913.