Christmas at Matthews

You are cordially invited to the sense-sational Christmas Celebration at Matthews UMC! This Advent Season is packed with opportunities of connection, serving and ministry. Join in one of our five unique Christmas Eve Candlelight Services with Communion on December 24: Kids & Family Worship at 2 & 4 pm (Gym), Contemporary at 6 pm, Spanish at 7:30 pm (Gym) & Traditional at 9 pm.

Christmas Event Highlights

Advent Message Series

Is any time of year a feast for our senses like Christmas? We hear the Christmas carols, we taste the marvelous holiday goodies, we smell the rich aroma of frankincense, we eagerly hug loved ones visiting from afar, and we see the dazzling display of Christmas lights.

Even more, each of our five senses can be a path to the Child of Christmas. Each week of Advent we will see how a different sense plays an import role in the Christmas narrative.

With breathless excitement the author of 1 John wrote, "That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched - this we proclaim as the Word of life." (1 John 1:1)

This will be a sense-sational Christmas. Come to your senses at Matthews UMC.


Through a series of six messages, we'll explore the unique paths to the Christ child our senses can provide. Welcome to the feast!

  • Nov 20 - "The Gourmet God" Luke 14:15-24 It is appropriate we begin with the sense of taste, as we enter the holiday season of guilt-free gourmandizing. We have been called to the table not to be bums at a banquet, but to be the very children of God, princes and princesses of your kingdom.
  • Nov 27 - "The Mister Magoo Syndrome" Mark 8:22-26 Even though one third of our brain is dedicated to the sense of sight, it is easy for us to be spiritual blind. The tragedy of sin is that we become blind to our own blindness. We need the healing power of Jesus in order to truly see reality, and especially the eternal worth of the people around us.
  • Dec 4 - "The Awesome Power of a Simple Touch" Mark 5:21-43 We live in an age when people are afraid to touch, as touching can be exploitive and unwelcome. But touch is essential to our health and wellbeing. At Christmas we celebrate that Jesus came in the flesh - he touched and was touched by others. You don't need to fear Jesus' touch or be afraid to touch others with his love.
  • Dec 11 - "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Matthew 3:1-12 Christmas can be an auditory extravaganza of song and speech, phone calls from friends, and joyful choirs. As you have likely experienced, people who listen well usually give the best gifts at Christmas. Are we listening to God this Christmas? Where might we hear God's voice?
  • Dec 18 - "The Baby Who Was Heaven's Scent" II Corinthians 2 Are we the aroma of Jesus to the world? Just as we perceive the delightful odor of a scented candle, people who've never seen or heard Jesus or touched and tasted the reality of Jesus should be able to sense the fragrance of Jesus in us. From our every act, every word and every movement, there should hang something defying analysis ... invisibly, impalpably ... and yet unmistakably ... Jesus.
  • Dec 24 - "Can You Hold a Candle to This?" John 1 We Christians have a sixth sense - faith. On Christmas Eve believing is seeing. Think of your candle tonight as the Christ Child - it is hypnotic. We're drawn to a candle in a dark room. God did not enter the world as a forest fire or a blazing comet but as a flickering candle. On a wintry night in an obscure cave the infant Jesus came as a humble, naked, helpless God who allowed us to get close to him. If he had come as a raging fire we would have run from him; we are able to draw close to his gentle flickering flame. Let his light dispel your darkness. Let his heart thaw out your cold. Experience Christmas Eve Candlelight Services Kids & Family Worship at 2 & 4 pm, Contemporary at 6 pm, Spanish in the Gym at 7:30 pm & Traditional at 9 pm
  • Dec 25 - "The Memories of Christmas" Luke 2 What is your favorite memory of Christmas? Christmas Day will feature ONE come-as-you-are service at 10:30 am.