18 Days of Generosity 2023

Prayer Devotions

Submitted by people in our church community.

Giving is a spiritual matter, not a financial matter.

Consider the following takeaways shared in worship on October 29, 2023 (video below) from our Pathways to Generosity series:

  • Giving is a spiritual matter, not a financial matter.
  • The Apostle Paul suggests that our giving needs to be based on some predetermined thinking. To set aside on the first day of the week implies that one has given some thought beforehand.
  • The Apostle Paul says, "Let each of you ..." That is to say, let each of you give not because of what you think the financial resources of the church might be, not because of who you know or who knows you, not because of what others think you should give, not solely because of what the church needs. Let each of you give in grateful response to what God has done for you.
  • We give systematically, inclusively and proportionally, not in order to meet the budget, as important as that is, but so that each and every one of us can have a sense of joy and a sense of purpose that we are doing something spiritual ... that we are able to give and to know that our giving is an expression of our gratitude for God's magnificent, amazing, unrelenting love.