Anxious Nation Documentary Viewing & Panel Discussion

ANXIOUS NATION Documentary Viewing & Panel Discussion
Wednesday, January 31 at 6pm in the Commons

Panel discussion with Tessa Martin, M.ED, ED.S, LCMHA and Ian Murray, M.ED, LCMHC, Southeast Psych

In 2022, the United States surgeon general warned of a mental health crisis among adolescents, especially anxiety disorders. The ANXIOUS NATION Documentary lifts the shroud of shame around mental health while giving insights into how anxiety shows up in our kids’ lives, impacts families and what parents’ contributing role may be. We learn, as well, what can be done to mitigate its awful consequences. The filmmakers offer insights into how we got here and what we can do to harness anxious energy for good.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, growing numbers of young people were experiencing high rates of clinical-level anxiety. About 11.6% of kids had anxiety in 2012, up 20% from 2007. But during the pandemic, those numbers nearly doubled, such that 20.5% of youth worldwide now struggle with anxiety symptoms, according to a meta-analysis of 29 studies reported in JAMA Pediatrics (Vol. 175, No. 11, 2021). Besides COVID-related stressors like social isolation, missed milestones, and increased family tension, background stressors such as school shootings, political unrest, and the war in Ukraine have likely fueled these increases.


Hosted by Hope for Minds & Hearts Mental Health Ministry


Jan 31, 2024


6:00 pm


The Commons
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